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Susanna Hoffman (Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley) is a nationally and internationally recognized anthropologist. She is an expert in disaster, cuisine and nutrition, Indo-European and Mediterranean society and culture, and other topics. She is the author, co-author, editor of ten books and two ethnographic films, and numerous articles and columns. She gives talks and organizes conferences around the world. She appears frequently on television and radio shows. (A complete list of her writings and appearances can be provided).

Among her books are: CATASTROPHE AND CULTURE, School of American Research, 2002, and THE ANGRY EARTH, Routledge, 1999, both co-edited with Anthony Oliver-Smith. Her articles have covered numerous topics concerning disasters, food, and the ethnography of Greece.

Her ethnographic films are the award winning KYPSELI: WOMEN AND MEN APART and the Emmy winning THE NATURE OF CULTURE.

In 2001, she was the first recipient of the Fulbright Foundation’s new Aegean Initiative grant shared between Greece and Turkey, where she worked on the disaster issues facing both countries and lectured all over both countries.

In the last two years she has worked on pre- and post- disaster issues in Turkey and Greece after the Izmit andThe Oakland Berkeley Firestorm
Athens earthquakes, in Ache, Sumatra, Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan helping co-ordinate government and civil society factions in anticipation of the next earthquake, El Salvador on mudslide, earthquake, volcano and clean water issues, India, and various disaster situations in the United States. She helped write the United Nations statement on Women and Natural Disaster.

She served as a board member of Project Concern International working on health, nutrition, disaster relief, sustainable agriculture, clean water, maternal and child health, and HIV/AID in thirteen countries including the United States.  Her travels and lectures  have also taken her to Morocco, Egypt,  China, Tibet, and India.  She opened the Gender and Disaster Program at the International Conference on Disaster in New Delhi in 2009. She a number of NGO’s and governementrs, including The Red Cross, Red Crescent, Northwest Medical teams, and the United Nations, Greece, and Turkey.

She has also written five food books, two general nonfiction books, many articles, and given many lectures and appearances on these topics.

Among the organizations she belongs to are:
- The American Anthropological Organization
- Environmental Section
- Ethnology Section
- European Section
- Food and Nutrition Section
- International Research Committee on Disasters
- The National Hazards Workshop
- Gender and Disaster Network
- The Modern Greek Studies Association
- The Telluride Medical Foundation Board
- Various other national and international organizations


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